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Surfight Jiu-Jitsu

Surfight is a lifestyle that embraces the art & culture of martial arts, surfing, skating, yoga and all around well being of mental and physical health in a whole. Here are number one priority is to better lives in every way. Joel Tudor and Magid Hage have over 30 years of martial arts training combined. Both of them coming from 2 of the top Jiu Jitsu competition teams in the world -Carlson Gracie Team- & -Gracie Barra- now coming together to form SURFIGHT!

Instruction at Surfight is done with the highest level of black belts. We spend a lot of effort into fundamentals and details of instruction for every level of student. Here you have the choice of many different arts of health. You can learn jiu jitsu, yoga, striking, judo and wrestling. All these to better your health in whatever ways fits your needs. Self defense is the foundation of all of these arts. You will organically gain confidence and all around physical and mental health from being part of the Surfight family/lifestyle.

This is a place where on any day the best athletes in the world show up to train with everybody, even those who it might be their first day training. If class settings aren’t exactly your fit at first we offer private training with multiple high level instructors for you to gain the confidence to get you in to any of the classes we offer. We hold our sanitation and cleanliness of the entire dojo to the highest standards possible using the best natural Ingredients to clean with. We welcome anybody to come by and sit in on a class to see if it can be your fit or chat with one of the owners who train along side of you in every class. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Monday & Wednesday
7am GI
12noon GI
5:30pm GI Fundamentals
6:30pm Advanced GI

Tuesday & Thursday
12noon NOGI
5:30pm NOGI Fundamentals

6:30pm NOGI

Tuesday Only


4~7yrs old @ 3:30pm -4:15pm
8~14yrs old @ 4:30pm-5:15pm

7am GI
12noon GI
6pm Wrestling

11am-11:45am – Kids open mat
1pm – Adults Open Mat

Our class schedules can change weekly.
Please check our Instagram page for the latest schedule.


Membership – $209 per month

Kids – $169 per month

Unlimited visits. Sign up and pay at the studio.

Private Class$100 members / $200 non-members

Drop In – $30 Class
                $40 Day Pass 

GEARShirts 20$  members / 30$ non-members
               Hoodies 50$  members / 60$ non-members



1101 #B Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA



phone: (760) 717-6753